2013 Orpheus in the Underworld

Orpheus in the Underworld
Performance dates: 
25th - 27th July 2013
Performance times: 
Evening perfomances 7.30pm, Matinee 2.30pm
The Rose Theatre at St Mary's School Ascot

This riot of a show tells the mythological tale of Eurydice and the celebrity violinist Orpheus, a philandering married couple. Eurydice is having an affair with a shepherd who is actually Pluto, the god of Hades. He kidnaps Eurydice and takes her down to the underworld much to the delight of Orpheus. Public Opinion, however, demands that Orpheus visits the deities on Mount Olympus to plead for their help in getting Eurydice back leading Jupiter, the King of the Gods, accompanied by all the other gods and goddesses who rather like the sound of the food in Hades, going on a rescue mission down below. The mission is complicated by Jupiter’s own infatuation with Eurydice who he woos as a fly. Eurydice is permitted to leave Hades but only on the condition that she doesn’t look back which, of course, she does because in the meantime she has fallen in love with Bacchus, the god of wine. So think of singing sheep, a campaigning ladies chorus who are part of the audience in Act 1, the men’s chorus dressed for a while in school uniform, a balloon ride to Olympus, Juno, Jupiter’s wife, with a broad Scottish accent, John Styx, Eurydice’s guard, dressed as if he’s just wandered in from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, dancing sausage, egg and chips (maybe) and Can- Can Girls galore. It’s a complete send up, of course, and very funny. 

Cast list: 


Sally Smith

Public Opinion

Helen Maffre


Cara Benneyworth


Emma Pritchard


Louise Hudson


Abi Comber


David Emerson


Barrington Woodward-Roberts


Neil James


Bruce Singleton


Warwick Grigg


The Bacchante Sisters

John Beckitt

Valerie Ryalls, Christine Took, Louise Hudson and Emma Pritchard

Pluto's butler

Tony Rainsborough

Pluto's sommelier

John Cox

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